How to apply


Future European Leaders Forum 2022

If you ever dreamed of amplifying your influence in EU affairs, now is your chance! Apply now for an exceptional opportunity to learn how to shape policy.

The mission of the Prague European Summit’s Future European Leaders Forum (FELF) is to inspire, connect, and empower politically-minded young professionals and academics. The aim is to create a space for meaningful, open and thought-provoking leadership adventure. By facilitating both formal and informal conversations with politicians, decision-makers, thought leaders and fellow EU enthusiasts, FELF provides a space to learn via different formats, such as workshops, panel discussions, simulations and networking receptions.

Join 20 exceptional young people with diverse professional and academic backgrounds to discuss and debate many aspects of EU affairs in a learning-based and constructive environment. By mingling this group with policy experts, we aim to provide an intellectually stimulating and rewarding experience for all involved.

FELF interconnects young people with experienced experts and decision-makers on a European level and enhances not only your professional knowledge but also your skills in policy-level negotiations or organisational, communicational, analytical and creative solution thinking. You will acquire a practical set of skills and competencies which you will use not only in your future working life but also in your daily life in general. This new knowledge and enhanced transferable skills will help to empower you, the “young leaders”, to be more active citizens at the European, national or local level and thus will contribute to the achievement of your personal fulfilment.

FELF participants from different corners of the EU will have an opportunity to be involved in discussions on topics such as green or digital transition, (energy) security, (economic) resilience and more (see below).

Further, FELF will include policy writing workshops and skills training. You will have the opportunity to network with decision-makers and experts taking part in the Prague European Summit (PES), and also with fellow young leaders. This will provide you with a unique possibility to elevate your ideas, which you would not be able to execute alone. Also, with further shared knowledge and contacts, FELF participants will form a network through which they will be able to create meaningful projects together in the future. Before the meeting, participants are expected to build on their admission essays in a structured and guided way with experienced lecturers. During the FELF itself, they will produce a joint policy statement with suggested policy changes which will then be discussed with relevant stakeholders.

The opportunity to attend FELF will be given to 20 exceptional future leaders between the ages of 21 and 30 (though participants up to the age of 35 may be considered) with diverse professional and academic backgrounds, and with a proven track record as opinion leaders in their fields of activity, including, but not limited to: politics, science, business, media, the arts, and civil society. We are looking for candidates who are creative, committed and passionate about reshaping the future of Europe.

Applicant Requirements

● Between 21 and 30 years of age (participants from 31 to 35 years of age may be considered as well)

● Active in politics, state affairs, business, media, arts, sports, science, a non-profit environment, etc.

● Interest in EU affairs, its political and economic development, security, and/or any other fields of relevance to European affairs

● Fluent in English

● A willingness to participate in any other related activities

● To be considered for this program, candidates must submit the application form by the 16th of October 2022, 23:59 CET to felf@praguesummit.eu

* Please note that recruitment will be conducted on a competitive basis.

Dates 7 – 11 November 2022: Five days (Monday is a travel day) of Future European Leaders and Prague European Summit debates

There is no participation fee for the programme. FELF will not cover accommodation and transportation costs. However, some participants may be eligible for travel costs and additional support. In such cases, recipients will be selected on an individual basis and only up to the price decided by the organisers. The selection process is always at the discretion of the organising staff.

Topics to be discussed

Security, green and digital transition, society, advocacy, politics, media, EU reform, participatory democracy, and youth opportunities.


Please send us your CV (including your date of birth and full contact details) coupled with a short essay (max 150 words) on the following topic: How would you tackle the challenges that the EU currently faces? You are to choose one of the topics – green or digital transition, (energy) security, or (economic) resilience. You are expected to build on the essay during preparatory workshops and on-the-spot policy sessions. Working jointly with other participants, you will be creating a real policy memo which will then be presented to relevant stakeholders.


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