Monika Martišková

Monika Martišková, PhD., is a researcher at the Central European Labour Studies Institute (CELSI), Bratislava, Slovakia and at the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development at Charles University, Prague. She is an expert in industrial relations and collective bargaining in Central and Eastern European countries, focusing on the automotive industry. Her latest research focuses on the impact of decarbonisation on the labour market and working conditions in industrial sectors.

She has been involved in several research projects supported by the European Commission focused on the social partners‘ responses to labour market challenges in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in both the private and public sectors. She has also been involved in several research projects on income inequalities, regional disparities or active labour market policies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. She is experienced in qualitative and quantitative data analysis. In 2022, she defended her PhD thesis at Charles University in which she studied workers in global production networks using the example of trade unions in the automotive industry in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.