Kristupas Sabolius

Professor of Philosophy

Kristupas Sabolius is Professor of Philosophy at Vilnius University in Lithuania and Research Associate at MIT. His latest English-written publications include On the Real (2021, ed. Kristupas Sabolius, LAPAS books), Matter and Imagination. Hybrid Creativity between Science and Art (2018, Vilnius University Press, ed.), Proteus and the Radical Imaginary (2015, Bunkier Sztuki, CAC) The Imaginary (2013, Vilnius University Press), highlighting the contradictory function of imagination between Western and Indigenous thought. In addition, he took part in the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale in 2018 and has also practiced writing short stories and screenplays, including The Gambler (2014) and Invisible (2019), both co-written with director Ignas Jonynas.