Mission & history

International forum for dialogue about key questions of the EU’s foreign policy and the future of Europe

Prague European Summit is a strategic platform set to tackle pan-European questions in light of the common challenges. Setting EU trends of the future through dialogue with the highest levels of the European public and private sphere. Strengthening the role of the European Union in the world, while building a sustainable and resilient society.

Prague European Summit was founded in 2015 by the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and the Institute of International Relations under the umbrella of the Czech Ministry of Foreign affairs with an aim to recast the image of the Czech Republic as an EU member country which self-confidently yet constructively joins the strategic discussions on the course of the European Union. Since then, it has grown to a high-level discussion policy forum which regularly brings together more than 500 senior politicians, political commentators, think-tankers, business representatives, public figures, young leaders and members of the public from around the world, discussing and searching for solutions to problems of today and building the Europe of tomorrow.

Goals of Prague European Summit

  • to stimulate constructive EU discussion in Central Europe and to search for solutions on common challenges
  • to connect stakeholders within Czechia and the EU from the state administrations, EU institutions, businesses, expert community, civil society, and the press