If you ever dreamed of amplifying your influence in EU affairs, now is your chance! Apply now for an exceptional opportunity to learn how to shape policy.

The mission of the Prague European Summit’s Future European Leaders Forum (FELF) is to inspire, connect, and empower politically-minded young professionals and academics. The aim is to create a space for meaningful, open and thought-provoking leadership adventure. By facilitating both formal and informal conversations with politicians, decision-makers, thought leaders and fellow EU enthusiasts, FELF provides a space to learn via different formats, such as workshops, panel discussions, simulations and networking receptions.
Join 20 exceptional young people with diverse professional and academic backgrounds to discuss and debate many aspects of EU affairs in a learning-based and constructive environment. By mingling this group with policy experts, we aim to provide an intellectually stimulating and rewarding experience for all involved.

FELF interconnects young people with experienced experts and decision-makers on a European level and enhances not only your professional knowledge but also your skills in policy-level negotiations or organisational, communicational, analytical and creative solution thinking. You will acquire a practical set of skills and competencies which you will use not only in your future working life but also in your daily life in general. This new knowledge and enhanced transferable skills will help to empower you, the “young leaders”, to be more active citizens at the European, national or local level and thus will contribute to the achievement of your personal fulfilment.

FELF participants from different corners of the EU will have an opportunity to be involved in discussions on topics such as green or digital transition, (energy) security, (economic) resilience and more.

Read more about Future European Leaders Forum (FELF) in 2022 here and do not hesitate to apply!