Camino Mortera-Martinez

Head of the Brussels office at the Centre for European Reform

Camino Mortera-Martinez is head of the Brussels office at the Centre for European Reform. Camino works on EU justice and home affairs, with a particular focus on migration, data protection, internal security, criminal law and police and judicial co-operation. She also covers Spain’s foreign and European policies.

Prior to joining the CER, Camino worked in several projects for the European Commission, as part of the justice and home affairs team of a Brussels-based consultancy. She was particularly involved in projects dealing with free movement of persons, criminal and civil law, counter-terrorism (including aviation security), police and judicial co-operation and international private law. Camino has also worked at a law firm in Spain, at the European Commission in Brussels and at an international German company in Berlin, Barcelona and Brussels.

Camino is a qualified lawyer and holds a Master’s Degree in Law by the University of Oviedo (Spain), an Exchange Diploma in Legal Studies by Cardiff University (UK) and a Master of Arts on EU Political and Administrative Studies by the College of Europe (Belgium).

She is a regular contributor to media in Europe and the US and has given evidence to the UK Parliament.