Claudia Luciani

Director, Directorate of Human Dignity, Equality and Governance, Council of Europe

In 1990 Claudia Luciani joined the Directorate of Political Affairs, first in the External Relations Department and then as political adviser on South East Europe and minorities. She held a number of positions in the Directorate of Political Affairs including in the field and served as Director of Political Advice and Co-operation for five years. She was appointed Director of ODGP in 2011 and then of Democratic Governance and Diversity. Since 2018 she is the Director of Human Dignity, Equality and Governance with a particular focus on the implementation of the Istanbul and Trafficking Conventions. Claudia’s work on governance focuses on the functioning of institutions, election assistance, civil society and she organises annually the World Forum for Democracy.

Claudia studied philosophy at Trinity College (Washington, DC), graduated in Political Science (University of Padua) holds a specialisation in International Public Law and studied at ENA (Paris).