David Král

Head of the Policy Planning Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

David Král is a Head of Policy Planning Department at the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In his prior career, he was a Vice-chairman of the Executive Commitee and consequently a Director of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy (1999-2014), an Assistant professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (1999-2003), a Member and consequently a Chairman of the Board of Directors at PASOS (Policy Association for an Open Society) in 2004-2014 and a Senior Adjunct Fellow at the Centre for European Policy Analysis (2010-2014). He has also been an external lecurer at the Metropolitan University Prague (2005-2007) and New Anglo-American College (2007-2008).

David Král has a degree from the Law Faculty at Charles University. He is also an author of numerous publications regarding European Union institutions and policies, EU Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy.