Elitsa Kortenska

Researcher, Leiden University Institute of Public Administration

Elitsa is a Ph.D. Researcher at the Institute of Public Administration at Leiden University. She is part of the Leiden University team of scholars, working on an international research consortium titled “Maximizing the integration Capacity of European Union, Lessons of and Prospects of Enlargement and Beyond” (MAXCAP), funded under European Commission’s 7th FP. Her research focuses on citizens’ perceptions and discourses towards European integration and the future of the European projects.

Elitsa’s broad research interests cover various European integration topics, EU Eastern Enlargement and European citizens’ responses to EU institutions and policies – support, trust or indifference. Her research spans over EU migration dynamics, policies and crises responses. As part of the MAXCAP Leiden University team, led by Prof. Dr. Antoaneta Dimitrova and co-coordinator of the consortium, Elitsa has been responsible for the coordination, management, organization and dissemination of the broader research project and worked on a broad range of topics related to the European integration capacity. Her research on the discourses provided insightful policy recommendations for the future of EU enlargement related to citizens perceptions, attitudes and discourse.

Elitsa has completed two BA degrees at the American University in Bulgaria and obtained her MSc degree at the very institute she is just completing her Ph.D. dissertation. During her undergraduate studies, Elitsa was a reporter in Bulgaria national radio and television.