Ilya Bruggeman

Director for Digital, Single Market & Consumer Policy

Mr Ilya Bruggeman is the Director for Digital, Single Market & Consumer Policy at EuroCommerce, the European voice for retail and wholesale. In this position, he has been leading EuroCommerce’s activities in a broad range of policy issues since 2013. He advocates for a more competitive Single Market for retail and wholesale, supporting high customer trust in all sales channels and always trying to strike the right balance between the interests of all stakeholders and effective and efficient enforcement of EU law.
He started his career in 2006, working for Public Matters, a leading public affairs consultancy in the Netherlands. In 2007 he moved to the Dutch retail federation, ‘Detailhandel Nederland’ where he was responsible for payment systems, product safety law, commercial establishment and taxation issues.
Ilya studied Public Administration at Leiden University in the Netherlands.