Kalle Palling

Chairperson of European Union Affairs Committee, Riigikogu of the Republic of Estonia

Since 2007, Kalle has been an active member of the Estonian parliament, making him one of youngest members ever elected. Additionally Kalle has served as a Chairman of the European Union Affairs Committee, Vice-Chairman of the Environment Committee and a member of the Economic Committee.

He has bee responsible for implementing the 3rd energy package on a gas market in Estonia, as well as opening the electricity market. He’s spending lot of time in his parliamentary work to promote e-governance in Estonia and abroad. Estonia has decided to embrace disruptive technologies and Kalle Palling has played a major role in drafting and negotiating the rules for many sectors. The latest success was a new law that took in to effect last week that regulates ride- sharing company’s like Uber & Bolt to operate in Estonia on the books. It’s one of the first times this has happened anywhere in Europe.

Kalle Palling has also worked as a member of the supervisory board at Eesti Energia (Enefit), an international energy company, that operates in the energy market of the Baltic and Nordic countries. Also as a member of supervisory board at Tallinn Airport and Estonian Environmental Research Center.

Kalle is also a co-founder in a startup called Cachet. Cachet is changing the traditional insurance model by putting the person to the center point. They’ll give customers the possibility to influence their insurance price by sharing relevant data with the insurance provider, while still remaining in control of their data.