Kateřina Králová

Historian, Department of Russian and East European Studies, Charles University in Prague

Kateřina Králová is Associate Professor of Contemporary History and Head of the Research Centre for Memory Studies. Her work focuses on reconciliation with the Nazi past, the Holocaust, the Greek Civil War, post-war reconstruction, and conflict-related migration. K. Králová, an alumna of Phillips University Marburg, has been awarded major international fellowships, including the Alexander von Humboldt, the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute, a USHMM fellowship, and a Fulbright Fellowship at Yale University, and has thus conducted a substantial part of her research abroad. Králová is, among other things, one of the founders of the Herzl Center for Israel Studies at CUNI, the 4EU+ Alliance research cluster “Plurality of Memories in Europe in Global Perspective,” the CENTRAL project “Institutionalizing Memory in Post-Conflict Societies”, and a leadership member of the COST-Action Slow Memory.