Martina Větrovcová

Founder and President of Momentum Novum

Martina Vetrovcova is a PhD candidate in Political Science at Heidelberg University, Germany, and the founder and President of Momentum Novum, a social enterprise that strives to foster sustainable development. Her areas of research include Central and Eastern Europe, international migration, nexus between climate change and migration, and sustainable development, as well as diverse foreign and security policy issues. Martina currently works as the personal assistant to the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Teaching at Heidelberg University and lectures at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. For many years, she volunteered at the National Model United Nations • New York (NMUN•NY), serving, among others, as the Under-Secretary-General for the Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs Department and for the Peace and Security Department. Martina is a Future European Leaders Forum alumna and a Climate Reality Leader trained by Al Gore.