Nadine Smith

Director, Centre for Public Impact.

Nadine leads the Centre for Public Impact’s (CPI) global mission to understand how to strengthen trust and legitimacy for government in a fast-paced age, with high expectations of public services and institutions, rising inequalities and disengaged populations. CPI works to enable people and institutions to have more productive relationships so that policy can be better designed and informed, with better outcomes for people as its goal. – Nadine is as a former media spokesperson and strategist in various UK government departments. She has dedicated her time since then to advising governments around the world on how to understand and embrace the values and expectations people, particularly minority and vulnerable groups, place on leaders.

Prior to this, Nadine advised BCG’s global public sector practice helping to promote BCG’s thinking on well-being, education, employment and the effectiveness of government.

Nadine was the founding director of communications at the Institute for Government, helping to build its reputation as a credible thinker, teacher and commentator on effective government.

Nadine is also a journalist and mother and leads CPI’s global communications function.