Thomas Gomart

Director, French Institute of International Relations

Dr. Thomas Gomart (PhD in History at Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, and EMBA at HEC) is Director of Ifri. He previously was its Vice President for Strategic Development (2010-2015) and the Director of its Russia/NIS Centre (2004-2013).

Before joining the think tank industry, Gomart was a scholar (Assistant Professor at La Sorbonne, 1996-1999), a cadet officer in the Army (2000), and a policy entrepreneur (2001-2004). Joining Ifri in 2004, he set up the Russia/NIS centre. His academic and professional background has been closely related to post-Soviet space, but also to wider international issues (security, energy, and digital governance). As Lavoisier Fellow at the State Institute for International Relations (University-MGIMO – Moscow), Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Security Studies (European Union – Paris) and Marie Curie Fellow at the Department of War Studies (King’s College – London), Gomart has acquired a diversified international experience.

As Researcher, he is currently working on Russia, digital governance, country risk, and think tanks. He recently published Notre intérêt national. Quelle politique étrangère pour la France? (ed., with Thierry de Montbrial), Editions Odile Jacob, 2017; “Europe: Subject or Object in the Geopolitics of Data?”, (ed., with Julien Nocetti and Clément Tonon), Etudes de l’Ifri, July 2018; as well as L’affolement du monde – 10 enjeux géopolitiques, Editions Tallandier, 2019.

Thomas Gomart has been a member of the Strategic Review Committee on the Strategic Review of Defence and National Security 2017 (French Ministry of Armed Forces). He is also a member of the editorial board of the French journals Politique étrangère, Etudes, and Revue des deux mondes.