Zlatko Šabič

Professor, Centre of International Relations, University of Ljubjana

Zlatko Šabič is a Professor of International Relations, currently serving as a Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, responsible for International Co-operation. His research and teaching include over 250 entries (www.sicris.si). His presence in the International Relations professional networks includes him being the President of the Central and East European International Studies Association (CEEISA) from 2006 to 2010, and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of International Relations and Development (2008-2013). He was a member of the Steering Committee of the Standing Group of International Relations within the ECPR (2010-2013). He was one of the founders of the European International Studies Association, the largest network of international relations professionals in Europe (http://www.eisa-net.org/) where he also served as the member of the Board (2013-2015).  In Slovenia, he was a member of the Standing Working Group for Social Sciences in the Scientific Council of the Slovenian Research Agency (2010-2015). He is also a member of the Strategic Council advising the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is frequently asked to appear as an analyst or commentator for various electronic and printed media. He is also a columnist for the weekly Manager (in Slovenian).