Dr. Eoin Drea

Senior Research Officer, Wilfried Martens Center for European Studies

Dr. Eoin Drea is a specialist in the economic and social policy of the European Union.  He is a regular media contributor and his opinions have appeared in The Guardian, Politico, Bloomberg, and The Irish Times among others.  He is currently focusing on issues relating to the post-pandemic economic recovery, Anglo-Irish affairs, Brexit, and Eurozone reform. Eoin holds a Ph.D. in economic history from University College Cork, Ireland on the development of the Anglo-Irish banking system and he was an Irish Research Council Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the School of Business, Trinity College Dublin.  He has acted as Project Manager and Author on several pan-European projects related to the increasing polarization of the traditional middle classes.  His middle-class research is particularly focused on the socio-economics of the millennial economy.  He also writes at eoindrea.com.